Sonify the Web

A Singaporean audio venture 2006 - 2016

Our Story

Sonoport was founded 2006 as an early stage start up in the Fusionopolis area of Singapore. Having secured both angel funding and a government grant we set out to add sound to the world wide web. As founders we grew the team from the two of us to a fourteen person strong team consisting of audio engineers, web designers and database experts.

As a team we built an online service containing over 500,000 professional sound effects wrapped in bespoke audio algorithms providing a dynamic experience when manipulated by mouse movement or touch on mobile devices. This service was used in various marketing campaigns most notably in the rich media advertising market. We worked directly with leading digital agencies from London to Los Angeles, built truly innovative ad campaigns and pushed the boundaries on what is possible with sound on the web.

Sonoport is no longer in existence but we take with us some amazing experiences and memories. As founders we would like to thank all those involved throughout the years and wish you a happy and prosperous future.  

Fredrik Broström
Co-Founder & CEO
Daniel Broström

The Team 2016

Our Adventure

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